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Safety guard for vertical spindle of milling machine on arm with triple microswitch - type BAF

Sku : 2BAF450PCMLH
Protection for vertical spindle of milling machine placed on an articulating arm in tubular structure with 3 micro-switches - type BAF Screen in polycarbonate or laminated glass. Vertical mouvement possible.
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Spindle shield for a milling machine composed of a screen with an angular steel frame, filled in with impact-resistant and scratch-free polycarbonate (P) or safety glass (V), mounted on an articulable arm in tube structure with 3 safety switches. The articulable arm is also provided with a gas spring that allows vertical movement of the shield. The triple microswitch allows a folding of both the screen and the arm, as well as the vertical movement of the latter. The articulable arm can be mounted on the left (LH) or right (RH) of the milling head and is adjustable in numerous positions to ensure perfect protection for the user. This screen protects the operator against the rotating spindle and the cutting tool as well as against chips, cooling water and oil. The screen is available in different diameters: 200; 300; 350; 400; 450; 500 and 600mm whether or not equipped with a halogen lamp (LSS20) or LED lamp (LLS7) Benefits: - Greater freedom of work at the clamping table - High visibility towards the cutting tool - Protective cover very easy to adjust correctly via the articulable arm - Both the screen and the arm can be folded away - Arm vertically movable by gas spring Specifications: - Articulable arm for left or right mounting - Triple safety switch - screen available in diameter: 200; 300; 350; 400; 450; 500 and 600mm - Device supplied with CE conformity certificate and an installation and usage sheet

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